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for the Echo Lab

At GE Healthcare we aim to remove tedious tasks and help make every moment count for your patients.

Auto Measure 2D

With the power of AI, the manual caliper measurements can be completed with 3 clicks: Freeze – Measure – Auto.

Auto Measure Spectrum Recognition

With the power of AI, a wide range of Doppler measurements can be completed with 2 clicks: Freeze – Measure.


for Interventional Procedures

When minimal footprint and infection control are critical, your heart team will appreciate a portable solution.

HD Color

HD Color is a 4D color flow rendering technique for volumetric flow perception and semi-transparent visualization of origin and size of high velocity jets

4D Markers

Make annotations that are viewable from all angles on 4D ultrasound volume data sets and their 2D views, facilitating communication in the echo lab, cath lab and OR.


for Pediatrics

Speed and versatility are needed for your pediatric echo exams. The Vivid S70N Ultra Edition delivers high image quality with dedicated presets and advanced quantification tools, enabling precise measurements for all your patients – big or small.

Pediatric imaging

Visualize small anatomies with speed, clarity and confidence thanks to Vivid S70N Ultra Edition’s superb high-resolution imaging and dedicated pediatric probes.