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The call for research proposal submissions are now closed. Visit the Vivid Ultra Edition Call For Research page for updates on award winners.

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Clinical Excellence for Structural Heart

Vivid Ultra Edition advanced imaging systems support innovative workflow tools and imaging modes tailored for excellent imaging of structural heart diseases and guidance during interventional procedures. The exceptional Ultra Edition offering includes dedicated tools and features such as:

  • FlexiLight: Rendering technique for photo-realistic light-source based illumination of heart structures.
  • CTFusion: Vendor independent solution for live co-registered navigation in 4D ultrasound and CT data.
  • 4D Auto TVQ: Innovative semi-automatic quantification of the tricuspid valve in 4D.
  • 4D Markers: Annotations on 4D ultrasound volume data sets and their 2D views, facilitating communication in the echo lab, cath lab and OR.

Visualization of a MitraClip™ device with the 2 light sources of FlexiLight

This GE Healthcare Vivid Ultra Edition sponsored call for research proposals is focused on structural heart echocardiography.


Address any aspect of structural heart echocardiography such as improvements in patient outcomes, time savings or accuracy in your submission.


Up to four grant awards up to $75,000 (USD), including equipment if requested, and up to four additional equipment only grants will be awarded.


All with interest in advancing structural heart echocardiography to apply.

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Awardees announced:
Fall 2021.

To learn more about GE research visit the GE Healthcare research page.