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for the Echo Lab

At GE Healthcare we aim to remove tedious tasks and help make every moment count for your patients.

Auto Measure 2D

With the power of AI, the manual caliper measurements can be completed with 3 clicks: Freeze – Measure – Auto.

Auto Measure Spectrum Recognition

Semi-automated detection of appropriate spectral Doppler measurements provides a fast-forward path from scanning to measurements.


for Interventional Procedures

Demand for interventional procedures is growing and so are expectations of the heart team. Grow your capacity and capabilities with advanced ultrasound and conquer difficult cases.


Rendering technique for photo-realistic light-source based illumination of heart structures.

CT Fusion

Live co-registered navigation in 4D ultrasound and CT data helping extend field-of-view beyond 4D ultrasound for better understanding of heart anatomy.


for Pediatric 4D Imaging

The smallest cardiac patients can pose the biggest challenges with difficult to diagnose, severe conditions.

Introducing the new 4D TTE pediatric probe

6Vc-D a lightweight single probe solution that provides excellent 2D and 4D imaging.