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EchoPAC Software Only and EchoPAC Plug-in:
  • Analyze and review data from GE Healthcare Vivid family of scanners, as well as DICOM images form other ultrasound systems.
  • Access all Vivid measurement and review tools utilizing GE Healthcare Raw Data or industry standard DICOM data
  • DICOM Image transfer with optional GE Healthcare Raw Data transfers images easily in your existing workflow
  • DICOM SR Measurement Transfer including standard and custom measurement allows seamless integration with GE Healthcare and other industry reporting systems and EMRs 3

EchoPAC Plug-in is available for:

  • GE Healthcare Centricity™ Cardio Enterprise with Intelligent Reporting (IR).
  • GE Healthcare ViewPoint™ 6 with EchoPAC Suite 2
  • As a plug-in to third party PACS
With Centricity Cardio Enterprise IR, routine adult echo reports are


complete before the physician opens the exam to review. 1
1. Centricity Cardio Workflow v7 Intelligent Reporting out-of-the-box configuration compared to 2017 IAC guidelines excluding doppler. CCW Intellgent Reporting Outcome - JB74831XX 2. EchoPAC Suite is a marketing name for EchoPAC Plug-in 3. With the DICOM SR support, Measures & Analysis (M&A) for an exam can be sent at the end of the exam or when exported from local archive. The destination can be either a server on the network (Storage SCP) or a removable media (DICOM Media) depending on the DICOM dataflow selected. Custom measurements supported only for Adult Echo (TID5200) and Pediatric Heart (TID5220).